Diamond Jewellery

When you think of diamond jewellery, you cannot help but think about diamond rings. The rings are often complimented with jewellery pieces, such as a necklace, pendant, bracelet and earrings. Diamond and gold are today’s fashion accessory choice.


Reviewing the Selection of Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is fun, especially when you have so many styles from which to choose. In addition, the styles can be worn whether or not a marriage proposal is on the horizon.


One Beautiful Example of a “Vintage” Ring

One of the most popular and common jewellery designs, which always draw a great deal of interest from viewers and wearers alike, is a vintage-looking engagement ring. Small round diamonds accent the heart motif, all of which are displayed in a rose gold setting. The heart-shaped motif of the ring lends to its Victoriana appeal.


A Ring That Sparkles With Affordability

Considering that diamond engagement rings and other kinds of diamond jewellery typically run as much as $10,000+, seeing a ring priced well below $1,000 will cause most diamond enthusiasts to stand up and take notice.


Typical Gold Colors and Settings

Regardless of whether you are choosing a necklace or pendant, earrings, bracelet, or ring, you can obtain your heart’s desire by selecting such colors as Rose gold, White gold and the traditional Yellow gold variety. Gold is commonly available in 14K and 18K settings.


Is the Jewellery Certified?

Choosing an engagement ring or finding a special gift is easy to do when you think about the purpose of the purchase and your own personal preferences. Scrutinize the selections carefully. Gold and diamond jewellery should come with gemological certification, in the form of an endorsement. The endorsement is a must-have certification for future transactions and is your back-up guarantee if you want to sell your ring or any fine piece of jewellery.

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